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Hayman Reese Smartclick™ WiringEvery new release Hayman Reese towbar now comes with Smartclick™ intelligent wiring solutions. The key feature of Smartclick™ is that it is a modular wiring solution and will allow you to easily utilise any additional Hayman Reese wiring accessories as required, including the Hayman Reese body harness program.
Another key feature of Smartclick™ is that it incorporates dedicated connectors providing superior wiring connections. These dedicated connectors remove the need for scotch locks and soldering. Scotch locks are a “quick fix” providing unreliable connections which have an increased risk of deteriorating over time. Soldering joints may result in damage to your vehicle electronics if not executed correctly.
Hayman Reese Body Harness ProgramThe body harness program incorporates a range of supplementary wiring harnesses which seamlessly integrate with any Hayman Reese Smartclick™ wired bar (ask Auto Extra if there is a Smartclick™ bar available for your vehicle). This modular system means that when the need arises you can simply have your wiring upgraded to include any of the following options:Brake Controller Harness, Standard Part No. 04999

The Standard brake control harness is designed to interface with Smartclick™ wiring systems enabling premium installation of all Hayman Reese and Tekonsha brake controllers.

Brake Controller Harness with 30 AMP

Part No. 04998

Providing the same functionality as above, the Brake Controller Harness with 30 AMP also allows up to 30 AMP auxiliary power through the use of a 12 pin tail (sold separately).

Power Harness with 30 AMPPart No. 04997The Power Harness with 30 AMP auxiliary power provides up to 30 AMP auxiliary power through the use of a 12 pin tail (sold separately). This enables the operation of small 12 volt appliances like fridges and lighting circuits in caravans.Power Harness with 50 AMP

Part No. 04996

The Power Harness with 50 AMP auxiliary power supplies up to 50 AMP auxiliary power through an Anderson style connector. This solution is Ideal for higher current requirements.


Electric ‘Smart Battery Isolator’Part No. 04995The Smart Battery Isolator will have a voltage “cut in” of 13.2 volts and “cut out” of 12.7 volts. This prevents the primary vehicle battery from draining due to load from the auxiliary circuit.The Smart Battery Isolator is compatible for use with the 30 AMP Brake Controller Harness (Part Number 04998) as well as the 30 and 50 AMP Power Harnesses (Part Numbers 04997 and 04996).

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