Brake Controllers

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Australian road rules state that all trailers with a GTM exceeding 750kgs must have brakes. The most common heavy trailers operate an electro-magnetic trailer brake system which requires a brake controller to moderate the braking on your trailer.Hayman Reese produces two models of brake controllers that work with the electro-magnetic trailer brake system, the Hayman Reese Electronic Brake Controller and the Guardian™ IQ Brake Controller.
Electronic Brake Controller Part No. 05300The Hayman Reese Electronic Brake Controller moderates the braking effort between the brake switch (operated by the brake pedal) through the trailer brakes. The electronic unit has an easy to reach brake override which allows for trailer brakes to be used independently of the tow vehicle brakes; this is useful during steep descents or in an emergency.The Electronic Brake Controller allows for easy adjustment for braking at slow speeds and more aggressive action for highway speeds. A very convenient advantage of this brake controller system is that it has no moving parts and therefore the unit can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle cabin (within easy reach of the driver) and on any angle.
Guardian™ IQ Brake Controller Part No. 05900The Guardian™ IQ Brake Controller moderates the electric signal to the trailer brakes via an electronic switch and also features a hand override function for emergencies and steep descents. The Guardian™ IQ is a proportional braking system which has a sensor inside of it, detecting the vehicle’s deceleration and moderates the braking accordingly.This is a very valuable function because ongoing adjustments of the unit for different driving conditions are not required. The unit has a clear digital display to allow for easy setup, as well as a boost feature for optimal customised braking.

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