Auto Extra Towbars

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Hayman Reese towbars are available in a number of formats to suit different vehicles and towing requirements. Following is the current range to help you to make your selection. (Don’t hesitate to call our help line on 9201 1888 if you require any assistance)

wd3c (Class 4) Heavy Duty Hitch Receiver Towbar
Hayman Reese’s famous Class 4 Towbar has a 50mm by 50mm hitch receiver and is the heavy duty towing option. Heavy Duty Towbars are often rated to the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity and are essential if towing caravans, large trailers, boats or horse floats. Featuring a special sized hitch section, the Class 4 Heavty Duty Towbar is compatible with all Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems (some vehicle/manufacturer restrictions may apply) and hitch mounted accessories. Also included with every Hayman Reese Heavy Duty Towbar is a removable Trailer Ball Mount (TBM), for a neat, flush appearance when removed.
wd3e (Class 3) RL Hitch Receiver Towbar
The Class 3 Hayman Reese Light (RL) Towbar can be characterized by its 40mm by 40mm hitch receiver designed for medium duty towing applications. The RL Towbar has a removable TBM and can be used with the Mini and Intermediate Weight Distribution Systems (some vehicle/manufacturer restrictions may apply).
wd3f (Class 2) Standard Towbar
The Hayman Reese Class 2 Standard Towbar is the ideal solution for lighter duty towing applications. The Standard bar incorporates a Towbar tongue attached by two bolts. The Standard Towbar is usually designed to for lower tow rated vehicles with value in mind. This is the ideal Towbar for Mini and Intermediate Weight Distribution Systems(some vehicle/manufacturer restrictions may apply).
wd3g Towbar Lamp Protector (TLP)
Designed to be fitted to light commercial vehicles, the TLP combines the Standard Towbar with a cross section. This cross section provides rear body and tail lamp protection. Often referred to as “Hayman Reese Horns”, the TLP has provided protection and saved thousands in costly repairs over the years.
wd3ga Hitch Lamp Protector (HLP)
The HLP is a lamp and body protector combined with the famous Heavy Duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. It is designed to provide rear body and lamp protection for those commercial vehicles that need to tow heavy trailers. The TBM can be removed when not in use.
wd3h Step Lamp Protector (SLP)
Combine the Class 4 Hitch Receiver with a step and lamp protector and you have a very handy addition to any commercial vehicle. Whether you need to reach up onto the roof or climb inside the tub, the SLP is a favourite. The TBM can be removed when not in use.
wd3ii Bolt-on Steps
Some heavy duty towbars have the flexibility of having steps added. Simply purchase the towbar on its own and upgrade to a step assembly at a later stage by bolting the steps on.