Sway Controllers

When travelling with a trailer, strong cross winds and wind buffets from large trucks and buses can result in unnerving trailer sway. A sway controller is designed to be used in conjunction with a WDS and prevents trailer sway by retarding the pivotal movement between the tow hitch and the trailer. Hayman Reese provides two models, the Friction Sway Controller and the Dual Cam™ HP Sway Controller.

Please note that if your trailer sways without the external forces mentioned above, check that your trailer is loaded and setup correctly. Sway controllers should not be used to counter sway caused by a trailer incorrectly loaded or setup.

wd5e Friction Sway Controller (Part No. 26660)
Basic sway control

The Hayman Reese Friction Sway Controller manages trailer sway by utilising a sliding shaft with bonded friction material and a lever to regulate movement. By retarding pivotal movements between the tow hitch and trailer, the Friction Sway Controller is used to reduce trailer sway and improve handling in adverse towing conditions.

A mounting tab is required to be welded onto your existing Weight Distribution Head which can be done by your Hayman Reese Distributor. To allow for easy reversing Hayman Reese suggests that the Friction Sway Controller is removed, this is a quick and easy task. The Friction Sway Controller can be used with all Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy Weight Distribution Systems.

Note: All 600lb, 800lb and 1200lb Weight Distribution Heads feature an integrated friction sway control tab.

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Dual Cam HP™ Sway Controller (Part No. 26002)
Premium sway control

The Hayman Reese Dual Cam High-Performance™ Sway Controller is the premier method of controlling sway and the only product of its kind in the Australian market. Unlike other sway controllers, this approach works to proactively control sway from the start rather than just resisting sway once it’s begun.The Dual Cam HP™ controller can be fitted in conjunction with 600lb, 800lb or 1200lb Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems.

The Dual Cam HP™ controller relies on two mechanical Cams formed integrally in the underside of the WDS spring bars and through tension, the snap up chain provides resistance for the trailer to rotate.

The Dual Cam HP™ can only be fitted onto Weight Distribution Systems which include high performance spring bars. High Performance spring bars feature integrated cams (bumps) as shown below.

Friction Sway Bolt On Fit Kit (Part No. 26661)

  • Suits 3″ – 6″ A-frames
  • Removes the need to drill into the A-frame
  • Replaces existing screw in mount


Dual Cam HP™ Bolt On Fit Kit (Part No. 26003)

  • Removes the need to drill into your A-frame
  • Suits 50mm wide A-frames
  • Easy to mount/adjust U-bolt system
  • Replaces existing screw in mount